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DBMaker Overview

We can help you change your software for the better with one simple solution - DBMaker - the no-hassle database engine that is perfect for extending your application  capabilities.

DBMaker brings cost-effective scalability and reliability to Independent Software Vendors looking to improve functionality and database performance of their software. DBMaker has everything you could wish for in a relational database - powerful engine, open interface, multimedia capabilities, large database features, cross-platform support, but the main benefit of DBMaker is that it is EASY. Easy-to-install, easy-to-configure, easy-to-scale, easy-to package and easy-to-maintain. We would like to make your product better without complicating it.

We would like to make your life EASY

DBMaker provides a multitude of robust features that enhance the power, performance and flexibility of any software suite. Here are a few of these features.

High Performance Database Engine

DBMaker has a powerful high performance internal database engine responsible for generating and storing a variety of complex data types and it is designed to provide high efficiency for accessing relational data. A powerful query optimizer combined with multiple indexing methods results in faster searches and more efficient storage. High-speed Performance is ensured by full integration of a native ODBC API, multimedia handling and efficient data access routines.

To optimize the speed and concurrency of data accessed by multiple users DBMaker dynamically adjusts between table, page and row locking levels. The automatic cost-based query optimizer guarantees that query results are returned as quickly as possible. Moreover, DBMaker uses multi-threading where possible, ensuring improved performance of SMP systems.

Open Interface

Using the native ODBC interface and ANSI SQL-99 support, you can quickly create high-performance applications using variety of popular development tools, including Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, Perl and PHP. Thus DBMaker allows you to work with the tools that you already have, and does not restrict you to a proprietary development environment.

DBMaker JDBC-ODBC Bridge enables greater flexibility and connectivity by supporting Java applications and applets as well as granting these applications access to DBMaker databases. The bridge provides high levels of adaptability, power and ease of use.


High Portability and Scalability

Extensive cross-platform support and unique open architecture ensure that your needs will never outgrow DBMaker. You can deploy database applications across several platforms and easily scale from a small single-user system on a notebook computer all the way up to large multi-user system distributed around the world.

In order to facilitate this around-the-world distribution CASEMaker offers great features for managing large volumes of interactive information on a Web Server. DBMaker comes with several basic functions such as SQL, multi-user capability, transaction management, security management, consistency management, crash recovery, online backup, etc., making it a great database management solution for any ISV seeking to add value to its current software suite.

Multimedia Data Management

Powerful multimedia management capabilities built into the database engine allow your clients to efficiently store and manipulate large amounts of multimedia data including text, graphics, audio, video and animation. Multimedia management capabilities also provide exceptional flexibility, allowing for easy storage of multimedia data in different ways depending on the needs. You may store multimedia data directly in the database as Binary Large Objects (BLOBs), or you may store your multimedia data as File Objects, granting third-party multimedia tools full access to your multimedia data while still keeping it under database control.

XML Data Bridge

XML is quickly becoming the industry standard for publishing and sharing data across the internet. Responding to this trend DBMaker now allows you to easily publish tables as XML documents with the help of DBMaker XML Data Bridge. It enables great flexibility and connectivity as it supports transfer of XML data to and from DBMaker.

DBMaker COBOL Interface

The DBMaker COBOL Interface (DCI) is a new interface that does not require critical COBOL operations such as WRITE, REWRITE, DELETE, and READ to be translated into SQL syntax. DCI saves programmers the time of rewriting their existing COBOL applications, while at the same time providing them with modern and secure database technology.

Enterprise Database Functions

DBMaker is a full service database, offering a multitude of advanced features including all the functionality of a complete enterprise database. With DBMaker you will save a bundle and still will be able to equip your software with the highest database performance level using standard enterprise database features like automatic simultaneous replication of data and updates across the database system, distributed database management, complete backup and restore functions and security.


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